Can you play guitar?

I think Rainer is weak.

Is everybody all right?

Laura is pushing the envelope.

I need some time alone.

Do you want to see it again?

Dave is careless about money.

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The Lisbon treaty envisions a citizens' initiative.

I'm on my car-phone.

Do you know anything?

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Six months have passed since the author was killed in an accident.


He has traveled around the world in eighty days by himself.


Did she show you the picture?

Poor girl! she cried, what can I do for you?

Do you know how to get to the Hilton Hotel?


Salt helps stop food from perishing.

Have you ever been in Tehran?

You can use my dictionary.

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We can't judge him; he did what he could.


For once in my life I succeeded in getting the better of him.


How about something to eat?

Sanjay was sure Ethan was lying.

"I'd like to talk to you about the birds and the bees, son." "What would you like to know, dad?"

That'll stop them.

I have two sisters, both of whom are married.

He lives in luxury.

This town excels in waste separation.

Elephants are the largest land animals alive today.

This is awfully hilly terrain; I hope we don't screw up the transmission.


Eddy didn't die right away.


Do you sell mini disks?

I wrote a book about this exact topic.

I must be doing something wrong.

I want to find them.

Johan Jackson's books have been translated into many languages.

Connie says he still needs help.

That's not true anymore.

It won't be ready.

It sounds like you actually mean that.

You said that Erwin was busy.

Roberta couldn't find his birth certificate.

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He always has the first word.


These customers are very rude.

Lawrence offered Jwahar a chewing gum, which he accepted.

Just watch your step.

You may pay in advance for your order.

I had scarcely entered the class before the students started asking questions.

There are no quick fixes for this problem.

It was very disturbing.


It's a comedy movie.

You're always drunk.

Reiner has been driving his father's car.


I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

Can you wait for us in the lobby?

My bicycle broke, so I had to walk.

Their boat is adrift.

I kind of got punted out of the university.

That's not a way to treat a friend.

I thought I told you to play outside.

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I wrote my name on the cover of all my notebooks.

What I need is something to eat.

He is the lowest of the low to tell such a lie.

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Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees could use tools.

You should tell Simon what you want.

There is no telling who will be sent in his place.

My brother has a Twitter account.

Was Betsy at school today?

This copy of Windows is not genuine.

One cannot live solely on air and love.

Ima has helped me out a lot.

Do I have to answer that question?

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I'm glad I found you.

I don't want to offend him.

I can't blame you for dreaming.


I like nothing so much as to watch baseball games on television.

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She will get well in a week.

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I'll get the others.

The earth is like a ball with a big magnet in it.

I sat next to a man on the airplane who snored the whole time.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

Is the entry form not working or is my Internet connection not working right?


He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.


I don't think I can help you with that.

Not only Orientals love metaphors and similes.

If I had known about it, I would have told you.


So, what else did Trying tell you?


She can't control her emotions.

I need your car.

I imagine he will be late for the meeting.

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That's only an elk.

She was running down the street clutching two toddlers, one in each arm.

Dustin knows something isn't right.


The plan has broken down.

I want Don to think he's smarter than us.

They said they're busy.

I can't get through to her.

What shall we do next?

Can I continue?

How could I have been so stupid?


I knew we couldn't trust them.

The hospital took him in yesterday.

He is constantly complaining.

I'll never again let such a thing happen.

I had a chance to see him.

I need to find someone who can take care of my children.

His speech went on and on.

The had plenty of chances to apologize, but he didn't.

Might this restaurant have pulao?

It was almost noon when you woke up.

The doctors wore white masks over their mouths and noses.

We're getting our pictures taken at school tomorrow.

The crime was committed in cold blood.

The door's open.

Gregg told me about that yesterday.

Did you buy some flowers?

Jelske said Guido was busy.


The Earth and the Solar System in which it is are located in the Orion Spur, not even a full, genuine Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

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This did not satisfy Robin, and the relationship between them became more distant.

Al never spoke about that.

I would never ever betray you.

I spoke with Roger this afternoon.

I can understand Kinch's annoyance.

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The final exams will probably carry over into next month.

You can have any picture that you want.

You've given me a headache.


I said I'd get it.

Alberto told me that he wouldn't be able to be at the meeting.

Will shared a room with his younger sister Shai.

Have you met him already?

You made it all up, didn't you?


I can't tell her that.

Some boats are on the lake.

He'll buy something.

Let's hurry. We don't want to be late.

Are you going to stay in bed all day?

Her coloring book lay limp, jagged with angular pink scribbles.

Wayne didn't know exactly what he was going to say.

Let me deal with this.

The Smiths are our cousins.

She advised him to get exercise every day.

He usually gets up at six.


I had my fingers caught in the door.

Maybe it wasn't so obvious.

Don't say shit.

We can't lower the prices any further and still make a profit.

You should investigate the fact from a medical viewpoint.

The shopping center will be demolished.

I was at the cinema.

Malloy made me something to eat.

You mustn't touch it.

My uncle died of lung cancer.

I have to help Niels clean out the garage.


Did anyone call me?

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This sentence isn't very interesting out of context.

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It threatens to rain.

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I'm sad to be leaving.

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Where can we meet?

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Lukas inserted the key.

I think you've been cheated.

Tuan is a very ambitious person.