Easily Track Employee
Barometrics gives you insights every month so you can respond quickly.
See how our "five second feedback" system works by sending yourself a pulse check now:
Barometrics makes it easier to see what your employees think and feel on a regular basis, so you can respond quickly and easily.

What is your internal temperature?

Barometrics sends emails to your employees monthly or fortnightly to see how they are feeling.

Simple to use

No long surveys that nobody fills out, or logins to forget.
Just click a link in an email, and you're done!

Advanced Analytics

Changes happen often - see how your employees respond.
Advanced reporting down to location or business unit.


Have a particular question that's particularly important?
Ask it as part of one or more pulse checks.

Find out what matters to your employees across barriers

Barometrics keeps your employees' responses anonymous, encouraging more honest responses.
And it's brilliantly simple to use: all your employees need to do is open an email.

Engage from anywhere

All your employees need is an email address. No complexity, and global availability.

Stop wasting time

Barometrics takes less than five seconds to respond. No lengthy boring surveys, yet meaningful data.

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback encourages honesty and transparency. Barometrics gives your employees confidence to respond sincerely.

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