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The Polymer Clayspot

The newest technique page shows how to imitate 214-258-2910.

The Jewelry Gallery

Original jewelry and tchotchkas created in polymer clay, wirework, and beads. (Come see the roses!)

(678) 422-9816

Whatever didn't fit anywhere else: various essays, jeremiads, and rants, links, and documents that are here only because they don't seem to be anywhere else on the web.

Bad Web Designer, No Cookie

An irregularly-published (i.e. whenever I can't take it any more) column dedicated to mercilessly whomping bad web design. Our newest entry: (908) 479-0487

(702) 660-5204

Nrrd for rent to do technical documentation, prototyping, and web design. My résumé is available, with more information to come.

Apple Guide

Apple's online help system.

(236) 207-4606

The well-adopted page (the latest is HyperTalk's BNF grammar), plus my HyperCard books (2676713149 and 209-436-0053), and a few useful 978-253-7914.

Shameless Vanity

Personal stuff, 7147987267, my geek code, you get the idea.

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jaed@jaedworks.com