What criterion did you use when you elected this essay as the winner?

Edwin walked into the house.

Jesse gets along with everybody.

I'll go back to work tomorrow.

They used to be sweethearts back in high school.

Raja put on some bright red lipstick.

Welcome to Australia.

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We're getting a new car next month.


What are you drawing?

Hillary seems to be optimistic.

"There will be live music at the picnic." "What kind of music?"

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.

We can definitely find a cab to take us to the station.

What's the final count?

Many people are upset.

Surya is the girl of my dreams.

Vijay earns twice as much as Sid.

Mysore said he'd do his homework before dinner.

Kyle was there, too.

I saw a man holding a rabbit in his arms yesterday.

I can't guarantee we'll be able to get the job done by next Monday.

Please stay for 5 more minutes.

The boy spends hours drawing short stories about superheroes.


Why isn't anybody doing anything?

I have some things I need to tell you.

Healthy adult teeth should be permanent.


Anatole can't be all that young.

I saw a dirty dog coming into the garden.

Are you still in love with him?


Louiqa wants to know if it hurts.

Let's welcome the engaged couple: Collin and Radek.

Love your fellow more than your money.

I don't see anybody.

Where's the closest train station?

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I can't think of his name just now.

Would you mind taking me back to my hotel?

Her scream brought the police.


Why are you still talking?

Jacob was the one that painted this picture.

He is certainly independent of his parents.

Keep the medicine away from children.

The letter was finished.


I don't want to do his work for him.

I've hired Eduardo.

What does Pierce know about me?


I come here every Fourth of July.


We are all happy.

Manuela's dresses are very elegant.

This chapter of the book describes the crime as seen by the criminal.

I think everybody should help.

It was Troy's idea to sell our house.


Not all East Indians like English.

I was killed by a too powerful word! - said the poet.

Do you know anything about the meaning of dreams?

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I am very interested in music.

I think it'll turn out fine.

How much rent does Will charge you?

He came at seven minutes after ten.

I resent the self-confident nations.

Many foreigners speak good Japanese.

Prepare yourself for the day when robots are at your side.

You are not the only one responsible for it, I am too.

Was Kitty at home?

I'll reach to the moon.

When she heard the news, she was not happy.

We like our apartment.

The children solved the problem for themselves.


If the lights go out, light a candle.

He raised his hands.

Did you get anything from him?

The geyser sends up a column of hot water every two hours.

People are really angry.


Murat is living abroad.

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We're having a party next Saturday.


She found it hard to concentrate.

Mr. Wood loved Linda from the bottom of his heart.

Show your ticket at the barrier.


He likes to walk about in the park.

Discover a new world.

She's looking for a better job.


That's almost a shocking situation.

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She prayed that her father would forgive her.


We are very sorry that your order was damaged.

Miri had a key role setting this party up.

Afterwards, because it was sanctioned by many of the successive dynasties Buddhism became widespread and had a tremendous impact on the development of Chinese thought, culture and art.

How did you recognize me?

The child remained unfazed, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

Genocides are hate crimes.

I like watermelon.

Lie down on the examination table.

What makes you think I'd lose?

Illness prevented him from attending the meeting.

Why did you pick her?

Can you manage alone this weekend?

This lawn mower runs on petrol.

Do you think Piet is unlucky?

I have been learning to drive.


I was just wondering how often this kind of thing happens.

Are you going to help Frank?

I went to a Catholic school.

Narendra swears he's telling us the truth.

What did you do with all that stuff you had in the garage?


The teacher pointed out your mistakes.

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He lied deliberately.

He told me that he needs space.

Shamim misled me.

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I want to visit my friend next week.

Could you please go?

I succeeded in worming out the secret.

He broke faith with his friend.

According to dentists, decayed teeth are not always caused by sweets.

I have something that might be useful to you.

There's no choice.

He has decided to carry on the work.

I know exactly what I should do.

I read the entire book.

Ramiro is awfully quiet today.

Some of them are healthy, but some of them aren't.

I have two older sisters.

She slept with the window open.

Why would you want to remember that?

The definition from the dictionary is different.

I am not able to do it by any means.


We had a chat over a cup of coffee.

She began to cry in a loud voice.

I bought this car used three years ago.

How well she cooks!

I don't want to live with that.

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Should we send back the wrong merchandise?

This makes me curious.

She almost got away with it.

My little sister is scared of all doctors.

We stopped along the way to have lunch.


Tickets are available online only.

I burst out laughing in spite of myself.

Would you like me to get you a cab?

I got sick of the constant noise of the street traffic.

Billy was the one who suggested that we leave early.

I think it would be a mistake not to attend today's meeting.

Lynne wasn't wearing a seatbelt.


This steel is stainless.

They couldn't give Cris a proper burial.

The baby has presumably swallowed the pacifier.

It's fun and exciting.

I paid for these tickets.


I just pretended to like Shari.

This isn't food.

My mistake cost me my fortune.

That fat girl consumes too much sugary food.

Annie could smell gasoline.

A wonderful idea occurred to me.

Wisdom does not consist only in knowing facts.

After his father died, he had to study by himself.

I don't like powdered sugar.

Rayan has something on his face.

Catholics are against birth control.

I got my notebook stolen.

All they want to do is make a lot of money.

His death was instantaneous.

He is weaving a carpet.

I held on to the rope tightly so I wouldn't fall.

I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

Gelatine has the property of setting as it cools.

Are you too proud to accept a little help?


Cyrus wore black jeans.

Don't be so narrow-minded!

That house was built by my cousin.

I should eat something.

You have to make use of what you have.