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He put some sugar and milk in his tea.

I do not want any sandwiches.

He is very fearful.

He makes a little extra money that way.

You think you can toy with me, but I don't play games.

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Support a friend's project.

Kites were invented 2,000 years ago.

That movie isn't as interesting as the original.

I have to stay with the group.

There's no turning back.


I've been touched by death.


She is fresh from college, so she has no experience.

Margie died in his thirties.

Krzysztof is thoughtful, isn't he?

Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.

They felt weary after their hard work.

I know that girl.

Better never than late.

Do you really think I should marry Seenu?

I'll race you to the bus stop.

This store has the best selection of hats in town.

I pretended to I support him.

Sofoklis's inattention at the wheel cost him his life.

Many of the inhabitants of this region are sailors.

I'm going to miss you, too.

I never even noticed I'd lost my wallet until I got home.

I don't remember when I met him before.

Have you ever heard Cathryn talk?

I did my military service in Ankara.

I couldn't stand the itching.

I let him get the credit.

I spoke French to her.

I hope you're not mad at me.

They restrained her.

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Dalton was late as usual.


I am descended from a graceful family.

It shouldn't matter.

Jack did it on purpose.

Obviously, I was a little shocked.

Neville stood in the middle of the room.


They're strangely close for two guys, don't you think?

He immigrated to Brazil in search of a better life.

All at once, I saw two figures: one a little man who was stumping along eastward at a good walk, and the other a girl of maybe eight or ten who was running as hard as she was able down a cross street.

He was busy yesterday afternoon.

Clay is convinced that Moses is the woman for him.


We haven't been in communication with them.


It happened again last night.

Gunter has a posterior hip dislocation.

Jinny said that he was aware of the ongoing conspiracy.

We depended on the newspapers for information about it.

She was busy doing her homework.


Just when he was beginning the task, the angel of God called out from the heavens, 'Abraham!' He answered immediately.

Over 100 people were present at the party.

Can you start tomorrow?

Her older brother is two years older than I.

It's freezing outside.

Besides the rain, we experienced heavy winds.

Arabic isn't complicated.

Murat is a careless driver.

Let me see that list.

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I bet you've never climbed a tree.

Neither fish nor fowl.

I'll go talk to them right now.

He tried to banish his anxiety.

Tell her which train to catch.


I'll roast him some meat.


There was a terrible accident on the freeway yesterday.

They tell me that it's good exercise, but I'm just not into jogging.

Everyone started crying again.

"In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong."

He's got the bends.

Then little Gerda was very much frightened, and began to cry, but no one heard her except the sparrows.

Take me there.

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Christian has a bean bag chair in his office.

Oh yeah, I remember that.

One of Toft's problems is his short attention span.

You're popular.

Father translated the French document into Japanese.

Kathy hopes that he can visit Boston before he dies.

That class had a substitute teacher for the first week of school.

She was only 18 when she graduated from university.

How about going out for a drink after work?

Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

On the table he saw a slice of bread lying, and, being hungry, he ate it before going to sleep.

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Rapid action also has advantages.

I'm going to try something.

I'm sure he's alive.

That's easy to say.

Nicolette knew there had to be a better way.

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The trousers were worn at the bottom.

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Could you please pull the weeds and water the flowers?


I don't remember sending that text.

I'm sure Kate doesn't think that.

You have nothing whatever to feel guilty about.

How is the week going for you?

Chet and Alexander went together.

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Someday, the USA will elect its first woman president, and it will rejoice in the long overdue occasion.

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I have my own stereo set.

You need to face reality.

If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot.


Guy is sorry she cannot attend.


I am pouring a cup of tea.


We got up at four in the morning.


They bring some books to me.

She's a very lucky girl.

Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.


I'm for the bill.

What is the cause of my condition?

What's that got to do with you?


What are we going to do with Will?

Mat avoids me.

What's the minimum salary in Norway?

Guido needs to go home.

I have life insurance.

Isn't it hard?

I suppose we could walk.

How did he do it?

The French team scored as many goals as the English team.

I just thought you might want to eat something.

You have to decide.


Jitendra told Merril that she should visit the museum.

Cocktails will be at 6:00 and dinner will be served at 6:30.

Kyle didn't take Earnie too seriously.


The little boy is clever.


I just got Carsten to sleep.


If he comes, what should I tell him?


You've got to write to him quickly.

This river abounds in small fish.

It's my firm belief that Floria is not gay.

We should talk about it.

Tigger likes Sundar just the way she is.

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The trouble is that I have no money on me now.

Turn up the TV.

What's your solution?

Thank you for reminding me.

Reid didn't go home yesterday.

They sue companies that sell MP3 players without paying them.

I just brush it off.

I can't believe we got invited.

We tried to save Thomas.

She loves reading self-esteem sentences.

He has just left home.

History has proven that.

He set out on a trip.

He's a nationalist.

I'm sorry but I can't lend you my car next weekend.

The figure will be astronomical.

I'd like a half a kilogram of these and a half a kilogram of those.

They die of fear of such expeditions.

I'm going to wait for him.

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This is for Dominick.

Iranians used to eat main meal with yoghurt.

This hat suits me nicely.

You should marry him.

I'm glad that worked.

When I say that this spider is harmless, I don't mean that you can catch it with your hands and handle it as you like. Big spiders don't attack people unless they are provoked, and they should not be taken for toys.

Oskar went to his room to study.

Why didn't they show up?

Willie said he wasn't coming back.

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The thought hadn't occurred to me.


You didn't hear it from me.

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A lot has happened since then.

I asked Monica why he had never studied French.

I think I should see a doctor.