We recover lost/stolen assets due to theft which directly impacts
your company's overall bottom line.

Contact us for comprehensive solutions that will help
protect your business through loss mitigation.

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  • We directly pursue individuals who have defrauded your company.
  • We recover assets that companies “write off” as a loss making companies more profitable.
  • The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team will work to recover funds stolen from insurance companies, medical institutions, and medical supply companies.
  • We have a solid infrastructure of investigators, technology specialists, and expert negotiators that are trained, certified and licensed.
  • We work with your internal investigators to bring a swifter resolution.
  • Fees - There are no upfront fees. We only charge a percentage of the recovered assets.
  • WE ARE NOT A COLLECTION AGENCY – All money is paid directly to the companies that have been defrauded.

Locating Responsible Parties

Wire/Check Fraud Recovery

Refer to Maker

Closed Accounts

Dual Deposits

Intentional Stop Payment


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The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team

The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team is a full service recovery asset firm dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service during and after the process of asset recovery. We implement customized strategies aimed at mitigating losses due to theft that directly impact the profit margins of your organization.  We provide effective solutions that will yield the desired outcome. Our business practice strategically targets those individuals and organizations who engage in theft by deception. These individuals seek to obtain goods and services unrightfully by submitting worthless checks, committing wire fraud, check fraud, internet fraud, counterfeit, return to maker (RTM), closed accounts, dual deposits, and Intentional stop payment. In addition we inform these criminals that we are NOT A COLLECTION AGENCY. We pursue individuals who have committed crimes and refer these individuals for prosecution with local law enforcement and the state attorney general.

The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team is a Veteran owned/multi-national organization set up to help organizations of varying types control revenue loss. Our primary focus is our clients. Our company culture revolves around making sure our customers are more than satisfied. If we only give you 100% of our effort, we have not done our jobs. We aim to go above and beyond for you each and every time. It must be noted that we are not a collection agency. We do not go after debt; we recover stolen money.

In addition to what we do as a company we always try to keep focus on the global community through a multi-faceted approach. The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team is committed to serving the community. Our programs range from mentoring and speaking to local kids to philanthropy in other countries where we have donated, clothing, food, school supplies. In addition we’ve built entire businesses which we handed over to carefully screened and trained individuals to make a better life for the owners and the employees of these establishments. We believe that business ownership is one of the critical components to economic growth and sustainment. A major catalyst for employment is the ability to speak the language of the clients. The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team has worked both independently and collaboratively with other organizations to provide language classes in both English and Spanish for individuals seeking to improve their foreign language skills. We are also proud of our book scholarship program. This program provides some help for students who are entering their first year of college.

Pro Bono allows us to connect with the community in which we live and work. It gives us the opportunity to help individuals who have been wronged and taken advantage of by criminals and scammers. We give back by providing the same level of relentless pursuit of person’s involved in fraudulent activity to recoup financial losses due to scams.

  • Rigorous staff/client screening requirements
  • Ongoing education for highly trained/skilled fraud recovery agents
  • Keen understanding of ever changing federal, state and local laws/regulations
  • Results driven solutions using cutting edge technology
  • State of the art technology with in-house technology staff
  • Bilingual communications (Se habla Español). We have Spanish-speaking staff.
  • Strict adherence to security and privacy procedures


Our clients are our most important asset as an organization and we do our best to maintain the same level of customer attention regardless of the size of the company we represent. As a customer you can be assured that we will treat you like family. Your loss is our loss and we will work hard to bring you the results you’re looking for.

The Sutton, Mitchner Asset Recovery Team is equipped to serve relatively any type of business that has suffered a loss by theft. Whether you’re a check cashing establishment, retail store, grocery store, non-profit organization, or small business, our team can help you by tracking down the individuals who stole from you and recovering your assets. We offer customizable solutions to maximize rate of success.



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