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​Recommendations for Any Business with an ​Online ​Presence ​to ​Generate
​Quality Traffic > Conversions = Growth

Growth Supreme Business Apps

​At Your Fingertips: Supreme Business Apps for Growth

​Primary Focus: Growing the Customer Base

Growth Step 1


​1. ​Prepare
​a trust-evoking, appealing ​​landing page

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​2. Find ​& Invite
potential customers. ​Discover their whereabouts and present them with your invitation.

Growth Step 2


​3. ​Engage
 them ​​with ​a miro-commitment ​strategy

4. Offer/Sell​
​​your products or services

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Growth Step 3


​5. Upsell
by offering more ​useful produts or services to ​existing ​buyers

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​6. ​​Stay in touch
with regular, ​appreciated information and offer/sell more ​​relevant products or services

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​7. Optimize this flow

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​Above steps require ​that your already have an online presence
with the following three modules (if not, we can help):


​​If you wish to easily build or improve ​your website, ​we recommend the same system that was used to build this website.

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​Product or Service

​Should you just start out
consider ​selling other vendor's products or services as an affiliate.


​If you do not have an autoresponder to create and increase ​your customer base via opt-ins and emails, you can ​either subscribe to a paid autoresponder service
or you can purchase a one-time-payment autoresponder, either cloud-based or

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This site is not built to flood ​you with an unsurmountable amount of advertising​. Rather, it aims at sharing with you ​what kind of ​features of apps would be really helpful in today's competitive online world. ​If these features make sense to you, then ​take advatage of some of the Supreme Apps that ​suit your business. ​​In this way, you make informed decisions​ when considering to ​acquire apps.

I have used many of the recommended apps for my ​retail business​ with its current turnover of over ​two million dollars per annum​, growing slowly and steadily.

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