I'm taking an exam in January.

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I crossposted the message to another website.

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I need to go to the bank this morning.


Nobody gave us a chance.

Have you ever seen people actually go into that cave?

Your estimation of him is a little high, to say the least.

I know you helped me.

Rhonda is getting close.

You have a good reputation.

Elaine put the bags on the kitchen table.

If you eat too much, you'll become fat.

You have to leave home at six.

She has eight dogs. That's quite a few.

Edwin sent Pontus a three-page letter.


What you need to take part in business management is the team spirit to work with many colleagues.

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She abandoned her sons.

Adam doesn't need to get up so early tomorrow.

Speak for yourself.

I really wish Marsh would behave himself.

Beth has lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.


The atheist is God playing at hide and seek with Himself; but is the theist any other? Well, perhaps; for he has seen the shadow of God and clutched at it.

I took to her.

We make milk into cheese and butter.

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I stole it from Susumu.


He's going to resign. It's obvious.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever said.

I hate mosquitoes.

Who will bell the cat?

I don't want your gold.

This ball is the treasure of that boy.

Julius maintains his innocence.

I had to tell Diane that myself.

I was hoping you wouldn't find out about what happened.

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This movie is fun.

It took a whole day to paint the picture.

Off with your head!

Did you phone him?

I feel like things are getting better.

Call me when you're ready.

Why isn't there any wine left in the bottle? Did you kids drink it?

Thank you for writing.

This is how I usually cook fish.

Gregg wouldn't tell me why he wanted a divorce.

She's clearly lying.


I have read.

The old house was demolished.

I know that she is pretty.

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Look at the contract carefully.


How long have you and Del been divorced?

Everyone is looking at Sharon.

He wasn't silly enough to tell that story before her.

Many Americans did not have jobs.

My profession is my passion.

Lucas is a wise-ass.

Dannie kissed Mats's cheek.

I wish I could have persuaded him to join us.

I'll speak to them alone.

Why don't you answer my messages?

The duty must be discharged by every one of you.

What time does class begin?

Dude, she's hot!


I'll choose duck today.

Nobody understands it.

Ask them.

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Her elder daughter is married.

Is it splendid, this world?

Paper is white.


Knapper will know about this soon enough.

It seems like you're trying to provoke a fight.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

I checked my bags.

Do you want them to help?


Olof doesn't have to tell me again.

It is well known that the men of Esfahan are the best craftsmen of Iran.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

I really want to see Kumiko.

It doesn't look as if it's going to happen.

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Delbert stayed here once.

Do you think I had something to do with that?

Dale is such a snob.


He was being groomed as a presidential candidate.


That doesn't matter anymore.

You should tell the truth.

It's impossible to work in a room this dim.


The cherry trees are about to blossom.

I remember my school days very well.

Susie loves Japanese music.


Samuel doesn't struggle like this.


The last thing in the world I want to do is arrest Roland.


Dean will be able to drive a car soon.

We want to help them.

The place is convenient for swimming.

When I came to class late the teacher didn't let me in.

We both hate you.

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I look forward to meeting Ariel.

I don't want to go home.

I will help him tomorrow.

It was the first gold medal that she had won.

She likes to play the koto very much.

I'm looking for my contact lens.

Let's hit the sack.


Is Emil at home?

That's the wrong tone to adopt with me.

Fortunately I was well trained.


She knew him at once.

Oh, look! There's a big snake over there!

All you have to do is to do your best.

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Pontus needed to wash his car.


He's unable to read.

All three men smiled.

We've been here three days.

It seems that many people don't know the difference between "then" and "than".

How far did you go?

Sanche helped Connie carry water from the well.

We're credible.

Leslie hid the gun under a bunch of oily rags in his garage.

It took us a long time to decide what we really wanted to do.


We need all we can get.

This book presents to you 10 original ways to retain your sanity.

I wish my whole family were here.


Nothing will come of his plans.

A mother can feed ten children, but ten children can't feed a mother.

Trying is doing much better.

In Danny's school, students learn Klingon as a second language.

It took me a long time to write to you, sorry!

Traveling is a lot of fun.

After a few weeks the postman was first to taste.

Are you a fan?

Your daughter is not a child any more.

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I am in no position to do anything about it.

I hit the ball forcing it to roll down from the top of the hill.

I'm not as bad as Syun.


I disregarded it.

His words gave rise to doubts concerning his true intentions.

Gerard doesn't have much of a choice.

Found anything interesting?

She cleared away the dishes from the table.


I especially like your chocolate cake.


Don't walk so fast. I can't keep up with you.

The future used to be better.

I have a broken zipper.

I don't intend to be selfish.

Tahsin loosened his tie and poured himself a drink.


When did they go home?

The match ended with no goal.

The old man was taken in by a salesman.

He left Tokyo for Osaka.

We've been friends a long time.


We're just having a good time.

We met the other day.

You can replace a little bit of the white flour with rye flour.

They did not protest working long hours for low pay.

Her behavior was a departure from the normal.


Can I entrust the task to you?


I remember it all.

I was wrong.

I already think you're crazy.

We've got a really big problem here.

What would you like to drink?

Should I talk to her?

I'm going to stay in the pool a little longer.