Idea: paint the design You can paint either an eye shadow or a base. If the base is ceramic, you can draw it with special pencils and colors that you can get in every hobby shop. Before throwing on the lamp, try out a few potential samples on paper. Or better, make a template to make sure it falls out well.

Freshly shine the fabric The easiest way to change the eye shadow is to simply cover it with a fabric (choose a nice pattern or just one, your favorite color). And you can use jute, newspapers, spaghetti, decorative tape / ribbons and even decorative flowers … Apart from fabrics or other selected material, you will still need only scissors, tailor’s meter and adhesive for fabrics, or even better for hot bonding guns . Carefully measure how much fabrics you need (you can lacquer the fabric with the inside and the inside), or the required width at the top and bottom of the shade. And after that, you just need to carefully wrap the fabric on the shade – especially taking care to apply plenty of attention and adhesives to the edges of the shade and the fabric, as well as to the area where the fabric will touch or overlap. You can leave the fabric a little longer than the shade – and turn the edges and paste them from the inside. If you are worried that the pattern may not be perfectly overlapping at the joint – do not worry because you will turn that part anyway toward the wall anyway.

You would like to decorate the living space, but the chances of making nice things available to you, even if economic parameters are always hard to make.

Small designers, both domestic and global, are trying every day to realize their ideas so that they are great “in the eye” and favorable when it comes to shopping, yet how successful in this venture is it is difficult to measure. Probably the A2 format paper lamp is by far the most economical lamp, unless you count the power consumed. Simple wall lamps are made from sheet A2 of paper size. Designers Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto, within the design studio YOY, created a series of lamps called Poster. The name should not be astonished as the poster is made of paper and it also snaps to the wall, just like their wall lamp. The skill of designing an ordinary sheet of paper, or the design of its bending according to a clearly defined design, led these two authors to an incredible solution, which truth can be made by anyone who wishes, or at least he thinks that he can do it.

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Let’s see how to proceed, you have to cut 5 cm of adhesive tape and attach it around the neck of the transparent bottle, another piece of tape should be placed about 10 cm away from the bottom of the bottle, the two tapes will serve as a guideline for cutting the bottle. Now with the saw cut the neck and the bottom of the bottle following the tapes that you have previously attached. Unscrew the tip of the lamp holder and insert the latter in the upper part of the bottle, where the neck was, if the hole is too small, spread it without problems, screw the tip back so that it contacts the structure of the bottle. Now take the colored bottles, remove the bottom and cut the bottles in a circle, until you get colored spirals of the size you prefer. Using small pieces of adhesive tape, attach the plastic spirals to the transparent bottle until it is completely covered. All that remains is to connect the light bulb, turn on the switch and your lamp is ready for use.