Question And Answeres

Dear Varun Raghuvanshi,

Hi Varun, the one who don’t know him he’s my best friend this is my first blog post and I’m gonna answer his question,

Q-Hi Dev one of my friend is suffering from frustration can you guide me how can I help him

A- Well, good question Varun and as everyone knows this is a counseling website for growing children (age: 12-25) and for parents who are seeking to guide their children, As varun is my best friend he is my first client too, so congratulations varun lets come to the question so varum frustration is of many kinds as you are 20 years of age, I”m sure that your friend is near to the numerical number Frustration can be define as suffering causes troubles and no solution to troubles is frustration, to help your friend the best try to know what kind of problems he is suffering at the moment, ask him is their any studies related problems if so help him try to find a good tutor for him or tuition these practical solution will definitely convert frustration into happiness try to find the practical solution for the problems faced by him, and mark my words helping him will make you fell the wonderful person on the planet  feeling of wonderfulness is the most beautiful feeling in the world which comes from helping others

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Best wishes Varun,

Daivik Chunar