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Dedicated Server

AMSCLOUD offers dedicated server particularly to companies that process large quantity of data that need high-performance computing and at the same time require flexibility, speed, high security and exclusivity. With the latest enterprise-class hardware, unlimited bandwidth, various types of data storage (SATA, SAS, FC, SSD) to choose from and powerful data protection, AMSCLOUD ensures the optimization of your network and exceptional performance.

Public and Private Cloud

AMSCLOUD offers both sides of the cloud hosting solution. Whether you need dedicated infrastructure that you have more control of while still benefitting from cloud environment or are looking to reduce your IT expenses while housing your data in state-of-the-art infrastructure, AMSCLOUD will allocate resources and custom-built the environment as needed to ensure maximum benefits within reasonable cost.

Data Center Solution

AMSCLOUD facilitates the transition stage of your business where your network specification does not allow you to immediately migrate to cloud computing. AMSCLOUD provides high standard data center specified environment with full control and access to your equipment and will guarantee the installation of all necessary equipment to meet your specification and provide the protection of your data and devices

Managed Service

AMSCLOUD provides customized services that can be adjusted according to your specific needs. AMSCLOUD technical support will help you define your needs based on your business environment, design, install and maintain your network and system to ensure the best performance within the affordable cost.

Email Solution

AMSCLOUD offers an integrated email solution with up to accounts, GB storage, email syncing feature to your preferred applications and guaranteed secure data storage and transfer. Furthermore, AMSCLOUD provides the option to host your email in a secure cloud system or a dedicated virtual mail server for your most critical data.

Anti-Spam Solution

Protect your incoming mails from threats while ensuring your outgoing mails from being blacklisted. Anti-spam solution will filter viruses, malware or ransomware early before it reaches your inbox, ensure the continuity of your email delivery and save you time dealing with endless stream of spam emails. The outgoing mail filter will guard threats from being sent thus protecting the reputation of your company.



Datacenter operations are struggling to reduce costs while handling more data traffic.


Even if someone finds a way into you environment, the layers of secority built into Windows Server 2016.


IT cont continue to use the existing physical switches, routers, and other hardware devices.


Developers also can use the microservices architectures to separate app functionality into smaller.

BENEFITS of Cloud Technology

Along with the growth of a business, more demand will come to increase performance with faster response, more reliability, easier collaboration and also lower-cost work environment which a conventional infrastructure may or may not be able to fulfill. Few of the reasons why companies have started to move their technology related business to cloud-based service:

  1. Cost Effective
    The most crucial benefit from moving your conventional IT infrastructure to cloud computing is the significant reduction in operational, infrastructure, human resource and risk management costs as you have subcontracted those to your cloud service provider.
  2. Convenient
    As cloud computing allows you to scale up or down with much ease, it also offers automatic software updates, efficient collaboration and flexible work environment.
  3. Well-secured
    Cloud service is always built with security in mind to assure that the storage, transfer, backup and recovery of your data is protected at all cost.



Established in 2014, Awan Media Semesta (AMSCLOUD) has since augmented its digital footprints as one of the leading cloud-managed service company in Indonesia with a wide range of the best products and services. Supported by secure cloud environments and enterprise-class hardware, AMSCLOUD offers top-of-the-line infrastructure to assist you tackling the technology side of your business as cost effectively as possible and increase the overall productivity of your virtual business activity. With team of experts ready 24/7 to support you, AMSCLOUD committed to providing continuous cloud connectivity with lean infrastructure to guarantee maximum return for your business.


  1. Customer-centric
  2. Continuous Connectivity
  3. Secure System and Environment
  4. Adaptable Solution
  5. 24/7 Experts Support


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