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If you are looking for consultation and services in electronic commerce sphere, then Celidore Ltd is the best guide towards successful future. Our main objective is to provide our clients and partners with leadership in the sphere of electronic commerce. Celidore Ltd will take care of you, will help you to find and plan an exact way to success and prosperity of your business.

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Multi-channel eCommerce

With our eCommerce fulfillment services online retailers are able to get scope and scale on expanding their operations on multinational level, which allows them to sell greater variety of products to more diverse target audience in more countries than they are doing now.

eCommerce Fulfillment

Due to great experience and deep knowledge in every step to be performed in supply chain process we have developed our professionalism in eCommerce logistics and are able to manage any e-fulfillment with personalized approach, and even point-to point multi-channel solutions that will ...

Internet Marketing

Celidore Ltd Company offers marketing services on the Internet, which addresses all aspects of web marketing solutions to deliver high turnout on investments made. Regardless of our eCommerce marketing approaches and tactics, all of them are aimed to one goal - bringing quality traffic to your ...

eCommerce Consulting

Celidore Ltd is always open for standalone consultation and advisory sessions with our customers on certain projects or work. This helps to explain and guarantee that all needs of supply chain expected by potential customer are met and satisfactory. Every consultation and advisory session helps us ...