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Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! We're sorry to inform that our application TTiwA is still in development stage. But we're still happy to talk about our features! Also, you could leave your email below to receive an email when we're on road.

TTiwA Features

  1. Flat file. Our blogging platform generates HTML file which can be serve directly, not like other platform will need to render them while you visit their site.
  2. Super fast! Yep, we're extremely fast, even faster then Google!
  3. Edit right on the post. Not like other blogging platform which you have backend, our post can be directly edit by adding #edit behind the URL, and the result will be exactly what you see.
  4. Mobile responsive. Cuz we know you're using mobile all the time ^^
  5. Uptime. We have multiple datacenter and server, this makes sure your site will never go down or dissapear, whether it's due to our problem or nature disaster.
  6. Security. We've use highly rated security system which can even ensure you can safely transfer your data while you're on HTTP connection!
  7. Last, we're using the same theme as what you're looking at!


The post is a copy of the original post on Andrew@TW, which is b/c TTiwA project is launched by Andrew@TW and this is just a file that you can access through TTiwA.com.

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