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Mile HIGH Cleaner works better, costs less.

Clean the daily smoker in 1 minute for 25 cents.

ZERO chemicals, toxins or odors.

Incredibly effective formula kills germs, microbes and bacteria

Costs less than Rubbing Alcohol!

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How to Clean a Pipe Naturally and Quickly

Mile High Cleaner works on ALL resin (wax, concentrates or flower and more!) on ANY surface or piece of paraphernalia.

Resin removed from plastic

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The Next Generation in Cleaning!

Works on any surface or any sticky mess from the grow to extraction and all smoking in between.

Clean a pipe, bowl, rig, water-pipe, hookah, bubbler or any other piece, surface or paraphernalia.

Clean a 10" Piece 50 times with one bottle!

Mile High Cleaner kills germs, microbes and bacteria, yet is safe you can eat it!

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Clean a pipe, rigs, water pipes... Click for videos and more!

Clean every sticky surface, from growing to extraction! Click for more.

New report cites ISO Alcohol for health risks!! Click for more.

Everyone HATES Cleaning!

Cleaners stink, sting my eyes, makes me woozy...

The toxic smell turns your stomach. You get a headache and a little dizzy. Your eyes water and your hands dry out. All for what? It stinks again the very next day.

But what delicious and tasty hits!

With Mile HIGH Cleaner, daily cleaning is made easy. Clean in under a minute for pennies. Expect 50 cleaning from a 2oz. bottle using our tools. Efficient, economical and even edible. This will increase the flavor of your smoke tremendously.


Safe, Cheap and Effective.

 The Next Generation in Resin Removal

Canna Mag in action

There is almost nothing it can’t clean

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How to Boil a Pipe (no sticky resin!)

You Love a clean piece

Over the counter cleaners like Formula 420 are expensive, work poorly and smell worse. All based on a toxic mix of solvents and VOC’s I don’t want anywhere near me. Most chose Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and salt. We have all used 2oz. of this "ISO" regularly to clean our paraphernalia and think nothing of pouring the waste ISO down the drain. After all, there are hundreds of videos with millions of views saying it is OK. They can’t all be wrong…

ISO and solvents are also know as VOC's (volatile organic compound) The government regulates MICRO amounts in products due to severe environmental damage and health issues. Yet cannabis smokers think nothing of dumping 2oz.  down the drain every month to clean. There are about 435 million regular cannabis users, at least 100 million clean regularly with solvents. Consequently we dump about 50,000 gallons a day of these solvents and VOC's.

Cleaners are getting more toxic

One cleaner that would render superman unconscious spilled and etched through the veneer on a wood bookcase in less than a day. Some users boasted how it left a minty smell. That smell comes from the chemicals used to scour your piece. The Manufacturer wants you to completely rinse these chemicals down the drain. If you can still smell it after thorough rinsing, then it is still inside your piece and ‘off gassing’ chemicals. Those chemicals have not stopped their caustic reactions.  They settled deep into your lungs from that minty rip. It dissolves paint, is it dissolving plumbing?

If a cleaner has warnings and the poison control center number on the bottle is it something you want in your body, much less around your home and family. Everything that attacks your immune system weakens you. Don’t invite it in with open arms.

The largest manufacturer of ‘over the counter’ cleaner states on the bottle that their product is ‘Non-Toxic if used properly’.

At no point do they define ‘properly’. check the bottle, package and web page for their definition of properly. We sent e-mails asking for anything in writing but were ignored. Proper handling of a solvent includes protective gear including gloves eye-wear and respirator.

That same cleaner also boasts that it is made from ‘natural ingredients”. Turpentine is made from pine needles. Natural yet still a harmful solvent. There are many naturally occurring solvents. They are still dangerous on many levels.

Organic isn't everything.

Even the word organic has lost meaning because ISO is organic. Known as a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

Biodegradable does not mean it is good for the environment, it simply means that it will eventually break down and NO LONGER be toxic. Up until that point it could be causing  damage. ISO has a Half-life of 20 days. It evaporates up into the precipitation cycle to rain down everywhere.

One company boasted all their cleaners were ‘earth friendly’. Every product they carried was a VOC and solvent based. This means wearing a respirator, gloves and eye protection. Each was bad for the environment. This is especially bad when you think about the staggering amounts

The amounts are staggering.

5.8% of the world population consumes cannabis on a regular basis. That is 435 million. If 100 million of them clean their piece 1 time a month with 2oz of ISO or some other solvent that makes 2.4 BILLION ounces of a petroleum distillate let loose in our environment. This is much worse than the Gulf oil spill which was an accident. They cleaned up significant amounts of the spill according to Dawn detergent. Meanwhile we continue to dump another 7 million ounces (55,000 gallons) every day.

Now add in all the ISO that was used in the grow. Grows get sticky. The floors are worse than a 1950s-movie theatre. Every surface gets organic resin and stickiness coating it daily. Grows use ISO by the gallons.

How much ISO was used near the plant you are smoking? Cannabis is an ‘accumulator plant’ which means it absorbs what is in its environment. They planted Cannabis around Chernobyl to absorb the radiation. If you plant in an orange grove you will get orange flavored cannabis. ISO absorbed into the plant could be worse for you than pesticides.

MHC, the cleaner you can eat.

There are cleaners out there that do not try to kill you and do not ruin the environment for your healthy Cannabis lifestyle. Some are cheap and effective but watch out, most have multiple warnings on the label including the poison control center phone number.

Cleaning resin has been difficult at best, so you should have the best tools to do the job. Good brushes and a good, non-toxic cleaner. It is no longer a matter of accepting either a dirty piece or the nightmare of cleaning. New developments in cleaning by MHC can clean a bong fast, cheap and easy.

You paid big money for that beautiful bong and even bigger money for that tasty bud. Wouldn’t you rather Taste your Weed, not the resin.

To sum up; Cannabis is a personal healthy choice. It is not right that we make our planet toxic just to clean up after that healthy choice. Smoke responsibly, clean responsibly and stay high my friends.

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Fun Fact: because our product is 100% natural and made from plant-based oils, Mile HIGH Cleaner is EDIBLE!