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Abbreviations Used:- LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol DS - directory service DN - distinguished name RDN - relative distinguished name CN - Common name SN - Surname OU - Organizational Unit DC - Domain Component What Is a Directory Service A directory service is a customizable information store that functions as a... Read More »
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Most of the case we required to send mail. We can use gmail smtp to send the mail. Code to send the mail are following. Please update mailId and password: package com.sendmail; import java.util.Properties; import javax.mail.Message; import javax.mail.MessagingException; import javax.mail.PasswordAuthentication; import javax.mail.Session; import javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress; import javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage; /** * * @author nikhil.nishchal ... Read More »
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In liferay we can create diffrent types of portlet as liferay mvc, jsf, spring mvc, vaadin etc. Using following steps we can create vaadinportlet in liferay. With liferay studio or lds we get an option to directly create vaadin portlet. Create new plugin portlet, and in next screen select vaadin (for vaadin portlet) and finish. 4077696664
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In liferay we seen the features of repeatable fields or auto fields. Auto fields is very important in case of multiple fields requirements on front end like address, phone number or any key value type fields. Using auto fields we can add multiple input fields in form dynamically. Following example will explain to use liferay auto fields to add repeatable/multiple fields. Let we want to add some information like "rollNo" and "name" of some students in ... Read More »
By Nikhil Nishchal

Running liferay/app server behind apache/web server

Lets understand the need and concept of app server and web server. Web server is used to serves content to the web using http protocol. While Application server is used to hosts and exposes business logic and processes. We can understand it by example of any shopping mall when we (request) go to mall there is host/guard who take our request and fetches it for our requirement zone.   Our web-server is something more than than ... (607) 524-6302
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Liferay is a rich portal application which provides different ways to customize it. In liferay there are so many tools/api s are integrated and we can plug more and also customize existing one as per our requirement. Liferay also provide lots off JSON webservises to integrate it with different technology. As we can create mobile apps/many other different type of integration using its webservices LigerayMob : Read More »
By Nikhil Nishchal

JNDI configuration to liferay (tomcat)

As liferay provide different way to connecting through multiple types of databases we can connect through JNDI or JDBC bases connection. Let we discuss different way to connecting JNDI based database connection with liferay on tomcat bundle. We can provide JNDI configuration to liferay by following two ways: Setting through server.xml and context.xml(Liferay_home}/tomcat-{version}/conf) Setting through ROOT.xml... Read More »
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Liferay added nice feature of ADT from 6.2 to provide custom display template for application. We can customise portlet display style using them. The code of custom display style is as following, for rendering vocabulary and its categories listing using liferay default div structure, using velocity markup (VM). #set ($AssetCategoryLocalService = $serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.portlet.asset.service.AssetCategoryLocalService")) Read More »
By Nikhil Nishchal

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