Put it in first and slowly let out the clutch while you gradually accelerate.

The speaker organized his lecture notes.

There is almost no water in this bottle.

But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

Having done the lessons, he immediately went to bed.

I may not have time.


I kind of miss you.

Dan wants justice.

Julie doesn't know the difference between Iraq and Iran.


I saw many patients at the hospital, some of whom were badly injured.

He called you.

I made you laugh.

Have fun and come back soon.

I paid fifty percent down for the car.


Robots are used to manufacture cars.

Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe.

Robin ate half of my sandwich.


She's the local slut.

This place is packed!

Place this book back where it was.

I gave my old clothes away.

My father often goes to America on business.

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Can I walk there?


I let Jerry win.


Roxane and Harold have a house in the Hamptons.

Kids learn quickly.

Are you happy at your own home?

Luke, I am your father.

They broke down part of the wall.

What did you both do?

We were looking on as they quarreled.

I just want Pradeep to go away.

He is at my side. He is beside me.


Please help yourself to some fruit.

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How afraid I was!


He's a real character.

Have you put up the Christmas tree already?

Ask Tad about it.

Roy got beaten up.

She lives near the edge of Wripple, so she drives in every day.

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Which do you prefer: music or English?

He is always cool.

I don't like your hat.

You didn't miss much.

You owe Woody three hundred dollars.

Martin wants to talk to me.

I don't remember when I met him before.


Give Sergiu some money.


That flag is very pretty.

They always find fault with others.

We have the opportunity to make some changes.

We have to find a way to do that.

This red sweater is cheaper than the blue one.

Where is the Portuguese office?

My father is 48, but he looks young for his age.

I know of a place that you like.

None of this affects us.

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I'm tired of this game.

They were engaged.

Chuck'll reconsider.

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We're definitely going to do it.

Where were they?

You remind me of myself.


The barb on fishhooks make them difficult to remove.

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It may seem like Axel has forgotten all about the matter, but deep down inside, he's still torn up about it.

It was a standoff.

Every other day he goes fishing.

How are mom and dad?

I like the fresh air.

I need your help clearing this table.

He is no better than a fool.

Josip turned the doorknob slowly.

Bucky escorted Harmon to the door.

What could possibly be the reason?

Why will I write a letter to apologize?

We're having an office party tomorrow.

Who's telling the truth?


Is it true that man never gave you his name?


The people listened to the speaker attentively.

I blew the whistle on him.

In order to know a man, you have only to travel with him a week.

The first scene has a lot of action.

What I write is not English.


There's no milk left.

Mom says you should get out of bed.

The hounds flushed the fox out of its hiding place.

Who is the author of these books?

What else did you tell Bernie?


Did you hear the alarm signal?

What else does Jerald want to know?

I'm sorry about the other day.

It'll be hard to convince Michel to go with us.

She spent the weekend by herself.

The manager messed up all the company's business.

What did he do yesterday?

Ray asked Lin to see about getting front row seats at the Lady Gaga concert.

The stink from the garbage was overwhelming.

He dwells in the country.

You'd be amazed how long it takes to get a driver's license.

I've come to depend on you.

The girl's eyes were filled with tears.

She wasn't helping her mother.

I can't recall her name at the moment.

He apologized to us for being late.

The cheap dollar is charging up exports.

I like Earle very much.

I've trained for this.

Some people like the sea more, others like the mountains more.

Let's go tell the others.

I can do the deal.

She used to be a teacher.

Jennifer was beaten to death with a tire iron.

Happiness is a flower that must not be picked.

Let's not go over that again.

She insulted her friend in anger.

That man is a wet blanket.

The shoes are the same size.

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We didn't stand a chance.

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We can't see it.


You're shitting me.

I met him once.

Shakil has his own bedroom.

Is health care free in Germany?

I often make use of the library to study.

The twins helped.

Give me the number.

Valerie bent down to pet his dog.

June wants a dark brown coat.

Does genetic engineering improve nature?

You know that's a lie.

I entered Bryce's office after knocking on the door.

There are some details to iron out.

Usually I cycle or get the bus to work.

In Japan women assume the greater load of responsibility for childcare.

I'm glad Ann finally figured it out.

I won't go through the same pain.

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D.H. Lawrence is a novelist and poet.

I mustn't add oil to this engine.

Can you turn on the lights? It's really dark in here.


You were a no show.

The work is not finished yet.

I've got something else on my mind.

I don't like oatmeal cookies.

I think it's awful, that they're spreading rumors.

I wish things were the way they used to be.

Adams did not expect the job to be easy.

Are you a locavore?

Winston doesn't want to get in trouble.

"Is he always like this?" "Yeah, he is."

He's next to her.

All the world loves a lover.

He has the habit of standing up when he is angry.

I don't know if he would have done it for me.

The air feels cold this morning; winter is approaching.


We had a terrible time in the blizzard.


How long have you and Clay been divorced?


The time will come when your dream will come true.

I must ask you about her.

This decision is bigger than me.


You need not come to the office on Saturdays.


What's your opinion of the Gulf War?


I couldn't remember his name.


I just find it hard to believe that Ruth really believes that.

What could that be?

Science can be dangerous when applied carelessly.

I think that might be a good idea.

Hienz doesn't doubt Samir's ability to do the job.