He waited until ten and left shortly afterwards.

Trevor is no longer our prime suspect.


You must listen to it.

That job will take at least ten days.

Do you think I don't know what is going on?

I don't speak Bosnian.

You have gingivitis.

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All communication with the mainland was cut off by the typhoon.

On a certain monday afternoon, a single horse carriage stopped in front of the hotel where I was staying.

Ami isn't quite himself lately.


Again, we can see this approach as deriving from Matthew Arnold's idea that everywhere there is connection.


I stopped off at Osaka on my way to Tokyo.

Scholarly as he is, he can't be relied on.

Have you told Felix about what happened yesterday at school?


How can I succeed in getting a date with Nancy?

I'm trying to help now.

In many shops and businesses discounts are now given to senior citizens.

That's broken.

Where can we get what we want?

I need my bag.

Don't leave valuable items in the car.

I don't have to go-I want to go.

His house is beyond the hill.


Mezian is writing a sentence on the whiteboard.

Henry called Maria up.

You're a vandal!

Don't you want to get her back?

Thanks for your hard work.

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I knew it couldn't be that easy.

I wish there were another way.

You are hopelessly, endlessly annoying.

Stephan comes here every second week.

That won't happen again.

I want to thank you.

His handshake is too strong.

In the morning I greet people with "Good morning" That's an abbreviation for "I wish you a good morning" or "Have a good morning".

Tell him it's urgent.

Rhonda doesn't agree with me.

Alison put down his spoon and picked up a fork.


All guests have gone.

You know what?

This is my book, not yours.


Linda looked up at Svante.


Do you think Susumu is good-looking?

I thought you lived by yourself.

I've been toying with the idea of selling everything and taking a long, slow trip around the world.

Police cordoned off the crime scene.

Ssi used to work as a waiter.

You don't belong here.

What you did brought disgrace on the whole class.

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She has no children, does she?

Kenneth has been trying to cut down on calories.

We will take part in a tennis match.

I don't think Bob is as stupid as he used to be.

I wish you to relieve me of my anxiety.


While she was out the thief got away with her jewels.


We fail to grasp the meaning of the word.

Jerrie's house is at least three times larger than mine.

Dennis is watching the news report.

We've got everything we need.

Mom let the children eat cookies.

At first, Indra thought French was difficult, but now he thinks it's easy.

Annie said goodbye and then walked out the front door.

That country is turning into a society with high education.

As he played a dirty trick on me, I'll get even with him.

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Bobbie handed Rafik a bottle of pills.

The only problem was Sarah didn't care.

I'm totally confused.

Which suitcase is Darren's?

Lynnette reads lots of books.

People stood in queue for hours for the autograph session of the popular pop group.

I've ordered one.


I have known Joe since I was a little boy.

I have a predilection for beef.

I've got more money than Dori has.

Did I tell you what Melissa said?

My mother will make me a birthday cake.

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In August, I'm going to Japan with my friends.


There are few, if any, mistakes.

I'm going to check on them.

He's lied to me in the past and I don't trust him.

Amedeo and Arthur just got married last year.

Maybe it's not fair.

She advised him to visit that museum.

Feminine logic is not always logical.


Frequently repeated elaborate lies that seem too out there to be true, still triumph over vastly simpler and more intuitive truths.

Donal speaks some French.

Did you write down Eduardo's number?

That's the worst part.

They have no reason not to let you stay.

I can't afford to pay you.

Let me help you.


I see him once in a while.

Bertrand is apparently a truck driver.

You won't get an argument from me.

I said don't talk to me.

They'll like it.

They don't seem to be Americans.

I should've recognized you.

We had to work some stuff out.

The restaurant owner allowed her to take table scraps home to feed all of her dogs.

How much time is left?

I can't tell you what we did last night.

During the Middle Ages, astronomers had clung to the theory of a Greek philosopher.

My family owns this place.

They're clearly not happy about that.

Violet wrote a letter once a month.


The player made a splendid comeback.

Meeks tried to be reassuring.

Dan's completely off the wall; you can't predict what he's going to do next.

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When I go on vacation, I'll rent a car.


Criticizing is easier than doing.


Could you carry these suitcases for me?

The problem is that my son doesn't want to go to school.

Why do you think Janos is stupid?

Deirdre's harmless.

What hours is it open?

We aren't like that.

Kent's troubles aren't over.


He helped me to move.

I don't see what else we can do.

The air conditioner is broken.

Go where he will, he will be welcomed.

How big was your school?

Arnold was in Boston in 2003.

We met along the way.


Falling interest rates have stimulated the automobile market.


It's our fault.

Kate read everything very carefully.

You wouldn't be so casual about it if you were directly involved.


The appliance is wonderfully simple to operate.

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Dan didn't even back his car to the door.

It's dark in the basement.

The new decoration gave joy to the house.


I was all ears.

Don't blame the wrong person.

Elsa was sent on a mission.

Eliot has asked us for help.

I have never dared to speak to her.


We defeated our opponents in the last game.

He deliberately kept on provoking a confrontation.

Janet already said that.


You shall be my daughter's husband.

Owen isn't a morning person.

I studied the structure of Ainu families.


Render good for evil.

Does that belong to Rik?

Florian, you're being rude.

I often run into her at the supermarket.

I may have mistaken you with my other friend who has the same name!

I wrote to her.

By that time, astral projection became a prerequisite course in his university.

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Kenneth patiently waited for Daniele to finish her story.

Carl lives near us.

You did a great job.

Stu teaches.

According to what I heard, he went over to America to study biology.

Where's your date tonight?

I want to go to Paris.

I like teaching kids.

It was totally unnecessary.


We'll be at home today.

I could not help smiling.

Pieter is deranged.

One day I will go to live in Iceland.

Could you at least give me a hint.