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The New Face of Marketing

Marketing changes every day, someone is always making ripples somewhere in the field, but every once and awhile a new game changer emerges in the tech world as well as in the business world at large. Today’s game changer is influencer marketing.

Technology Influencers

Technology influencers have become a weapon of choice when it comes to pushing both new and existing tech products. With masses of followers strewn across a patchwork of multiple social media platforms, technology influencers can let your business tap into a vein full of your target audience. From the other perspective, as consumers we flock to the most trusted and trendy voice with authority to review the tech we don’t quite know if we want to buy. In many cases, the whims, opinions, and endorsements of a single technology influencer can have a profound impact on the sales performance and subsequent word of mouth surrounding newly released tech products.

Gone are the days when we were coaxed into rushing out to buy new tech advertised on television from our impressions of the ad alone. We have sages and consumer advocates to help steer our buying decisions and potentially avoid the headaches caused by purchasing useless or underperforming tech. This unique strain of marketing is greatly empowering to both consumers and businesses as each vies to influence the other.

The Importance of Technology Influencers

Technology influencers and the whims of their followers shape the business landscape and forge new practices. By being responsive to customer needs, wants, and thoughts on the technology we produce, we are obligated to constantly modify our practices to match these voices. These voices can be analyzed with greater efficiency than ever before by taking advantage of these new players, the powerful technology influencers, who both carry and speak for them. A respected influencer in the tech community can drive more traffic to your website than most conventional, or traditional means. This has increased influencer’s potential and value as they can typically generate more traffic than organic efforts.

Technology influencers and social media have both shifted the traditional balance between businesses and consumers as this new class has emerged, changing both the technical and marketing landscape forever. The most powerful tech influencers are the most credible, and informed on the material they review. They are content kings, and getting your brand’s content to your intended audience requires the cooperation of the technology influencers who hold sway over your niche market. (Wong) Search engines are measuring the authority influencers have and ranking their content accordingly. This makes it possible to ride on an influencer’s search engine benefits and ensure that your promotions are going to be carried effectively and reach an ultimately wider audience. ( The way in which we choose to communicate with influencers in the technology arena is also important. To get the most out of them, we ultimately need one on one communication. Influencers can be hard to reach, but once you have, it pays off. If a respected technology influencer approves of your merchandise, than it is a slam dunk in the larger effort to market the product.

The rise of technology influencers has also forever changed the way in which we interact with our customer base. They are behind locked doors, trusting their favorite influencers to filter all who attempt to enter. To reach our potential customers, we now must first reach their patron influencers, but it has also in a sense made it easier to reach them than ever before. In our efforts to market our brands and products, we have traumatized consumers with diabolical collection and manipulation of their data. Data that they, for the most part, do not want floating about being passed around, analyzed, and devoured for profit. However, they openly trust and confide in their influencers. This is true in the tech market as much as any other.

Final Notes

Technology influencers are truly the new face of marketing in the tech arena. They command respect and demand an air of integrity in order to earn their blessings in the market. They are a benevolent new face for marketing, an art which before the advent of influencers, had been ailing from being seen as a pure nuisance. Technology influencers have given marketing a new and acceptable face and platform from which to reach consumers the world over. Should influencers lose respect as a whole, we will lose a valuable promotional vehicle, which should give businesses a strong incentive to avoid flooding or otherwise corrupting the influencer market. Tech companies will do well to take care of their influencers, and to skirt unnecessary failures by only promoting products that carry the quality an influencer audience demands. The influencer community demands trust, and when it comes to technical goods, only quality can earn that trust.